Commit 2c8ef919 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

stylecontext: Add _gtk_style_context_peek_property()

This allows peeking at the computed value for a property. This is useful
for looking at GtkCssImage.
parent a35df384
......@@ -2297,6 +2297,27 @@ style_property_values_cmp (gconstpointer bsearch_node1,
return 0;
const GValue *
_gtk_style_context_peek_property (GtkStyleContext *context,
const char *property_name)
GtkStyleProperty *property;
StyleData *data;
property = _gtk_style_property_lookup (property_name);
if (!GTK_IS_CSS_STYLE_PROPERTY (property))
g_warning ("Style property \"%s\" does not exist", property_name);
return NULL;
data = style_data_lookup (context, gtk_style_context_get_state (context));
return _gtk_style_properties_peek_property (data->store,
const GValue *
_gtk_style_context_peek_style_property (GtkStyleContext *context,
GType widget_type,
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
const GValue * _gtk_style_context_peek_property (GtkStyleContext *context,
const char *property_name);
const GValue * _gtk_style_context_peek_style_property (GtkStyleContext *context,
GType widget_type,
GtkStateFlags state,
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