Commit 2661403f authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix DND keyboard control with XI2

We are using XI2 to grab the key events, but we did not do the
necessary extra work to make GDK deliver root window events to us.
parent 5a3442bf
......@@ -411,6 +411,18 @@ root_key_filter (GdkXEvent *xevent,
if ((ev->type == KeyPress || ev->type == KeyRelease) &&
ev->xkey.root == ev->xkey.window)
ev->xkey.window = (Window)data;
else if (ev->type == GenericEvent)
XGenericEventCookie *cookie;
XIDeviceEvent *dev;
cookie = &ev->xcookie;
dev = (XIDeviceEvent *) cookie->data;
if (dev->evtype == XI_KeyPress ||
dev->evtype == XI_KeyRelease)
dev->event = (Window)data;
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