Commit 24e1323e authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

places sidebar: Handle menu key

It is good practice to handle the menu key and Shift-F10 to
allow keyboard-driven use of context menus.
parent bd71b801
......@@ -249,6 +249,7 @@ static gboolean on_button_press_event (GtkWidget *widget,
static gboolean on_button_release_event (GtkWidget *widget,
GdkEventButton *event,
GtkSidebarRow *sidebar);
static void popup_menu_cb (GtkSidebarRow *row);
static void stop_drop_feedback (GtkPlacesSidebar *sidebar);
......@@ -3215,6 +3216,15 @@ on_key_press_event (GtkWidget *widget,
rename_bookmark (GTK_SIDEBAR_ROW (row));
return TRUE;
if ((event->keyval == GDK_KEY_Menu) ||
((event->keyval == GDK_KEY_F10) &&
(event->state & modifiers) == GDK_SHIFT_MASK))
popup_menu_cb (GTK_SIDEBAR_ROW (row));
return TRUE;
......@@ -3495,6 +3505,17 @@ on_button_release_event (GtkWidget *widget,
return ret;
static void
popup_menu_cb (GtkSidebarRow *row)
GtkPlacesSidebarPlaceType row_type;
g_object_get (row, "place-type", &row_type, NULL);
bookmarks_popup_menu (row, NULL);
static gint
list_box_sort_func (GtkListBoxRow *row1,
GtkListBoxRow *row2,
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