Commit 221415f7 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Use _gtk_accessible_set_factory_type in GtkSwitch

parent e757d1b2
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
#include "gtkswitch.h"
#include "gtkaccessible.h"
#include "gtkaccessibleprivate.h"
#include "gtkactivatable.h"
#include "gtkintl.h"
#include "gtkstyle.h"
......@@ -601,25 +601,8 @@ gtk_switch_get_accessible (GtkWidget *widget)
if (G_UNLIKELY (first_time))
AtkObjectFactory *factory;
AtkRegistry *registry;
GType derived_type;
GType derived_atk_type;
/* Figure out whether accessibility is enabled by looking at the
* type of the accessible object which would be created for the
* parent type of GtkSwitch
derived_type = g_type_parent (GTK_TYPE_SWITCH);
registry = atk_get_default_registry ();
factory = atk_registry_get_factory (registry, derived_type);
derived_atk_type = atk_object_factory_get_accessible_type (factory);
if (g_type_is_a (derived_atk_type, GTK_TYPE_ACCESSIBLE))
atk_registry_set_factory_type (registry,
gtk_switch_accessible_factory_get_type ());
_gtk_accessible_set_factory_type (GTK_TYPE_SWITCH,
gtk_switch_accessible_factory_get_type ());
first_time = FALSE;
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