Commit 216e9826 authored by Jose Rostagno's avatar Jose Rostagno Committed by Matthias Clasen

drop old compat code, BITMAPV5HEADER is defined on vista+
parent dcd53682
......@@ -29,35 +29,6 @@
#include "xcursors.h"
#if (defined(__MINGW32__) && (__W32API_MAJOR_VERSION < 3 || (__W32API_MAJOR_VERSION == 3 && __W32API_MINOR_VERSION < 8))) || (defined(_MSC_VER) && (WINVER < 0x0500))
typedef struct {
DWORD bV5Size;
LONG bV5Width;
LONG bV5Height;
WORD bV5Planes;
WORD bV5BitCount;
DWORD bV5Compression;
DWORD bV5SizeImage;
LONG bV5XPelsPerMeter;
LONG bV5YPelsPerMeter;
DWORD bV5ClrUsed;
DWORD bV5ClrImportant;
DWORD bV5RedMask;
DWORD bV5GreenMask;
DWORD bV5BlueMask;
DWORD bV5AlphaMask;
DWORD bV5GammaRed;
DWORD bV5GammaGreen;
DWORD bV5GammaBlue;
DWORD bV5Intent;
DWORD bV5ProfileData;
DWORD bV5ProfileSize;
DWORD bV5Reserved;
static HCURSOR
hcursor_from_type (GdkCursorType cursor_type)
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