Commit 21360a45 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

textview: fix duplicated binding entries. use kp variants instead.

This appears to have accidentally used the normal keypresses twice instead
of the KP variants. This resulted in shift+insert pasting twice.
parent bf3b0ea6
......@@ -1492,11 +1492,11 @@ G_GNUC_END_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_v, GDK_CONTROL_MASK,
"paste-clipboard", 0);
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_Delete, GDK_SHIFT_MASK,
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_KP_Delete, GDK_SHIFT_MASK,
"cut-clipboard", 0);
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_Insert, GDK_CONTROL_MASK,
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_KP_Insert, GDK_CONTROL_MASK,
"copy-clipboard", 0);
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_Insert, GDK_SHIFT_MASK,
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_KP_Insert, GDK_SHIFT_MASK,
"paste-clipboard", 0);
gtk_binding_entry_add_signal (binding_set, GDK_KEY_Delete, GDK_SHIFT_MASK,
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