Commit 1d190659 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

range: Fix trough clickability

We previously considered any click inside the trough if it
hit an area that the slider might cover. Bring this behavior
back; the trough of scales is otherwise just too narrow to
hit easily with a click.
parent 1a5cb41b
......@@ -3429,6 +3429,15 @@ gtk_range_move_slider (GtkRange *range,
gtk_widget_error_bell (GTK_WIDGET (range));
static gboolean
rectangle_contains_point (GdkRectangle *rect,
gint x,
gint y)
return (x >= rect->x) && (x < rect->x + rect->width) &&
(y >= rect->y) && (y < rect->y + rect->height);
/* Update mouse location, return TRUE if it changes */
static void
gtk_range_update_mouse_location (GtkRange *range)
......@@ -3437,12 +3446,17 @@ gtk_range_update_mouse_location (GtkRange *range)
gint x, y;
MouseLocation old;
GtkWidget *widget = GTK_WIDGET (range);
GdkRectangle trough_alloc, slider_alloc, slider_trace;
old = priv->mouse_location;
x = priv->mouse_x;
y = priv->mouse_y;
gtk_css_gadget_get_border_box (priv->trough_gadget, &trough_alloc);
gtk_css_gadget_get_border_box (priv->slider_gadget, &slider_alloc);
gdk_rectangle_union (&slider_alloc, &trough_alloc, &slider_trace);
if (priv->grab_location != MOUSE_OUTSIDE)
priv->mouse_location = priv->grab_location;
else if (priv->stepper_a_gadget &&
......@@ -3459,7 +3473,7 @@ gtk_range_update_mouse_location (GtkRange *range)
priv->mouse_location = MOUSE_STEPPER_D;
else if (gtk_css_gadget_border_box_contains_point (priv->slider_gadget, x, y))
priv->mouse_location = MOUSE_SLIDER;
else if (gtk_css_gadget_border_box_contains_point (priv->trough_gadget, x, y))
else if (rectangle_contains_point (&slider_trace, x, y))
priv->mouse_location = MOUSE_TROUGH;
else if (gtk_css_gadget_margin_box_contains_point (priv->gadget, x, y))
priv->mouse_location = MOUSE_WIDGET;
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