Comments on how the filtering and sorting processes work

Signed-off-by: Federico Mena Quintero's avatarFederico Mena Quintero <>
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......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@
* the special kind of usage for "search" and "recent-files", where the file chooser gives the model the
* files to be displayed.
* Internal data structure
* -----------------------
* Each file is kept in a FileModelNode structure. Each FileModelNode holds a GFile* and other data. All the
* node structures have the same size, determined at runtime, depending on the number of columns that were passed
* to _gtk_file_system_model_new() or _gtk_file_system_model_new_for_directory() (that is, the size of a node is
......@@ -66,7 +69,14 @@
* Each FileModelNode has a node->visible field, which indicates whether the node is visible in the GtkTreeView.
* A node may be invisible if, for example, it corresponds to a hidden file and the file chooser is not showing
* hidden files.
* hidden files. Also, a file filter may be explicitly set onto the model, for example, to only show files that
* match "*.jpg". In this case, node->filtered_out says whether the node failed the filter. The ultimate
* decision on whether a node is visible or not in the treeview is distilled into the node->visible field.
* The reason for having a separate node->filtered_out field is so that the file chooser can query whether
* a (filtered-out) folder should be made sensitive in the GUI.
* Visible rows vs. possibly-invisible nodes
* -----------------------------------------
* Since not all nodes in the model->files array may be visible, we need a way to map visible row indexes from
* the treeview to array indexes in our array of files. And thus we introduce a bit of terminology:
......@@ -95,6 +105,16 @@
* You never access a node->row directly. Instead, call node_get_tree_row(). That function will validate the nodes
* up to the sought one if the node is not valid yet, and it will return a proper 0-based row.
* Sorting
* -------
* The model implements the GtkTreeSortable interface. To avoid re-sorting
* every time a node gets added (which would lead to O(n^2) performance during
* the initial population of the model), the model can freeze itself (with
* freeze_updates()) during the intial population process. When the model is
* frozen, sorting will not happen. The model will sort itself when the freeze
* count goes back to zero, via corresponding calls to thaw_updates().
/*** DEFINES ***/
......@@ -81,8 +81,6 @@ void _gtk_file_system_model_set_show_files (GtkFileSystemModel
gboolean show_files);
void _gtk_file_system_model_set_filter_folders (GtkFileSystemModel *model,
gboolean show_folders);
void _gtk_file_system_model_freeze_updates (GtkFileSystemModel *model);
void _gtk_file_system_model_thaw_updates (GtkFileSystemModel *model);
void _gtk_file_system_model_clear_cache (GtkFileSystemModel *model,
int column);
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