Commit 1783b227 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón

gtk/gtkmain.c: use accessor functions to access GtkWidget

parent 7587ee2d
......@@ -1543,7 +1543,7 @@ gtk_main_do_event (GdkEvent *event)
/* Unexpected GDK_DESTROY from the outside, ignore for
* child windows, handle like a GDK_DELETE for toplevels
if (!event_widget->parent)
if (!gtk_widget_get_parent (event_widget))
g_object_ref (event_widget);
if (!gtk_widget_event (event_widget, event) &&
......@@ -2411,8 +2411,8 @@ gtk_propagate_event (GtkWidget *widget,
handled_event = event->type != GDK_SCROLL;
handled_event = gtk_widget_event (widget, event);
tmp = widget->parent;
tmp = gtk_widget_get_parent (widget);
g_object_unref (widget);
widget = tmp;
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