Commit 175cf7e3 authored by Matt Watson's avatar Matt Watson

stack: always update window position at transition start

Sometimes on wayland we're seeing a frame draw before the first tick
callback, where the window position has not yet been updated.

With this change, the window is properly positioned as soon as
gtk_stack_start_transition returns.
parent 101da71e
......@@ -1029,8 +1029,9 @@ gtk_stack_start_transition (GtkStack *stack,
gtk_stack_unschedule_ticks (stack);
priv->active_transition_type = GTK_STACK_TRANSITION_TYPE_NONE;
gtk_progress_tracker_finish (&priv->tracker);
gtk_stack_progress_updated (GTK_STACK (widget));
gtk_stack_progress_updated (GTK_STACK (widget));
static void
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