Commit 15a9f1bd authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

gtk/gtkgladecatalog.c: Fix Visual Studio Builds

The _GDK_EXTERN decoration needs to be with the function prototype, if one
exists, so move the _GDK_EXTERN decoration up.
parent 779aa87b
......@@ -31,13 +31,14 @@
# include "gtkprinteroptionwidget.h"
void gtk_glade_catalog_init (const gchar *catalog_name);
/* This function is referred to in gtk/glade/gtk-private-widgets.xml
* and is used to ensure the private types for use in Glade while
* editing UI files that define GTK+’s various composite widget classes.
gtk_glade_catalog_init (const gchar *catalog_name)
g_type_ensure (GTK_TYPE_PATH_BAR);
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