Commit 125ef353 authored by LRN's avatar LRN

GDK W32: Special handling for VK_PAUSE

Similar to VK_DIVIDE, this key can't be mapped to a scancode by
MapVirtualKeyEx(). Googling suggests that this is a known bug.
parent 3326fba5
......@@ -699,8 +699,13 @@ update_keymap (GdkKeymap *gdk_keymap)
scancode = MapVirtualKeyEx (vk, 0, hkls[group]);
keygroup = &keymap->keysym_tab[(vk * hkls_len + group) * GDK_WIN32_LEVEL_COUNT];
/* MapVirtualKeyEx() fails to produce a scancode for VK_DIVIDE and VK_PAUSE.
* Ignore that, handle_special() will figure out a Gdk keyval for these
* without needing a scancode.
if (scancode == 0 &&
vk != VK_DIVIDE)
vk != VK_DIVIDE &&
vk != VK_PAUSE)
for (level = GDK_WIN32_LEVEL_NONE; level < GDK_WIN32_LEVEL_COUNT; level++)
keygroup[level] = GDK_KEY_VoidSymbol;
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