Commit 0705474b authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GtkEntry: don't forget to disconnect idles

As pointed out by John Lindgren in bug 650114, GtkEntry forgets
to disconnect an idle source when the completion is set to NULL.
parent 8d9f413c
......@@ -9987,6 +9987,12 @@ gtk_entry_set_completion (GtkEntry *entry,
old->priv->completion_timeout = 0;
if (old->priv->check_completion_idle)
g_source_destroy (old->priv->check_completion_idle);
old->priv->check_completion_idle = NULL;
if (gtk_widget_get_mapped (old->priv->popup_window))
_gtk_entry_completion_popdown (old);
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