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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.8
* GtkApplication:
- Supports logout notification and inhibiting
- Buttons, toolbuttons and switches can now be connected
to GActions
* GtkSpinButton no longer allows to change the value
when not editable
* GtkLabel link support has been rewritten to be be
more robust
* GtkBuilder:
- Supports the 'id' in GtkComboBoxText
- Can parse GVariant-valued properties
* Accessibility:
- key snooping support has been removed
* Wayland backend:
- Cursor handling updates
- Look for cursors in the 'weston' directory
- Make resize grips work
- Implement device grabs
- Implement window geometry hints
* Theming:
- Improved CSS compliance for selector matching
- Improved CSS compliance for value resolution,
including full support for 'inherit', 'initial',
'currentColor', 'none'
- Support border-style properties
- 'window-unfocused' has been renamed to 'backdrop'
* New deprecations:
- GdkColor
- GtkButton::inner-border
* Bugs fixed:
543520 Cups custom options are not sent properly
612396 Consider changing default of entry-text-column for GtkComboBoxText
613728 Rationalize GtkTreeView focus
620240 GNOME Drag & Drop broken for remote X sessions
629878 Missing "Back" and "Forward" icons for Firefox
631414 Add symbolic constants for event emission control
639875 crashes when unparenting a tab from a window...
657367 GtkAction: Hold a reference to proxy widgets
659516 gtk_css_provider_to_string lacks "since" tag
660139 GtkGrid gives Gtk-Warnings about negative sizes when empty
660309 check x11 backend when create xim module
663479 "Finishing" ("Completion") and "Advanced" tabs are empty
665015 "Widget (%s) has more than one label" unwanted warnings
666103 Should be able to match the parent where a dropdown menu is child
666600 allocate the CSS border and deprecate GtkButton-inner-border
666685 SIGSEGV in _gtk_tree_selection_internal_select_node
666710 Fix compose sequences disabling other sequences
666842 [patch] "sticky" window state reported wrongly on X11
667018 Fix compilation on Windows
667229 gtkspinbutton: Respect value of inherited 'editable' property
667394 Gtk(Tool)Button: add an 'action-name' property
667473 gdk_rgba_free (NULL)
667485 gdk_rgba_parse error checking
667534 Non-XInput2 build fix
667546 GApplication doc mentions g_application_set_app_menu
667628 GtkWindow:application property should have G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT
667695 GAction leaked in examples/plugman.c
667705 fix up GtkApplication on OS X
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.6
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