Commit 054057a6 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix GtkSwitchAccessible type definition

It turns out that ATK_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE() is broken; it
tells GType that the class and instance size for the accessible
type are the same as for its parent type. Which is not true
if your instance struct has members such as 'description' here.
This was causing hard-to-track-down memory corruption, since
description and the GtkAccessible private pointer were sharing
the same memory location.
parent 4dfb5007
......@@ -1014,10 +1014,19 @@ struct _GtkSwitchAccessible
guint action_idle;
/* FIXME: We really want to use GailWidgetClass here */
struct _GtkSwitchAccessibleClass
GtkAccessibleClass parent_class;
gpointer f1;
gpointer f2;
static void atk_action_interface_init (AtkActionIface *iface);
ATK_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE (GtkSwitchAccessible, _gtk_switch_accessible, GTK_TYPE_SWITCH,
G_IMPLEMENT_INTERFACE (ATK_TYPE_ACTION, atk_action_interface_init))
G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE (GtkSwitchAccessible, _gtk_switch_accessible, g_type_from_name ("GailWidget"),
G_IMPLEMENT_INTERFACE (ATK_TYPE_ACTION, atk_action_interface_init))
static AtkStateSet *
gtk_switch_accessible_ref_state_set (AtkObject *accessible)
......@@ -1078,6 +1087,7 @@ _gtk_switch_accessible_init (GtkSwitchAccessible *self)
self->description = NULL;
self->action_idle = 0;
g_print ("switch action description inited to: %s\n", self->description);
/* accessibility: action interface */
......@@ -1099,8 +1109,9 @@ static const gchar *
gtk_switch_action_get_description (AtkAction *action,
gint i)
GtkSwitchAccessible *accessible = (GtkSwitchAccessible*)action;
GtkSwitchAccessible *accessible = (GtkSwitchAccessible *)action;
g_print ("switch action description: %s\n", accessible->description);
return accessible->description;
......@@ -1111,6 +1122,7 @@ gtk_switch_action_set_description (AtkAction *action,
GtkSwitchAccessible *accessible = (GtkSwitchAccessible*)action;
g_print ("switch action set description: %s\n", description);
g_free (accessible->description);
accessible->description = g_strdup (description);
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