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Late release notes

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2009-03-13 Matthias Clasen <>
* Late release notes for 2.16
2009-03-13 Matthias Clasen <>
* Bump version
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See the file 'INSTALL'
Release notes for 2.16
* Password entries now display a caps-lock warning. This can be turned off
with the caps-lock-warning property.
* Various orientation-related functions have been deprecated in favour
of the new GtkOrientable interface: gtk_scale_button_get_orientation,
gtk_scale_button_set_orientation, gtk_toolbar_set_orientation.
* The action-proxy interaction has been changed. Widgets that operate as
proxies have to implement the GtkActivatable interface now. GtkActivatable
implementation are responsible for syncing their appearance with the
action and for activating the action. All GTK+ widgets that are commonly
used as proxies implement the GtkActivatable interface.
* The handling of keyboard shortcuts has been changed, to help with a
longstanding complaint about the way GTK+ handles multiple layouts. GTK+
now only uses keys from groups other than the current group if they are
not present in the current group.
Release notes for 2.14
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