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Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.99.1 to 2.99.2
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.99.2
* More widget are using GtkStyleContext directly:
GtkToolItemGroup, GtkMenuItem, GtkImageMenuItem, GtkMenu,
GtkTearoffMenuItem, GtkCheckMenuItem, GtkMenuShell
* gtk-builder-convert now accepts a --target-version option
* Bug fixes:
637965 GtkTreeCellDataFunc called with a wrong column arguments
639127 Misc Win32 GDK building problems
639157 GtkOrientable should add/remove "horizontal" and "vert...
639209 Allow toggling the GtkSwitch by clicking the handle
639286 include gtk/gtktextattributes.h not installed
639327 gtk-builder-convert needs to convert gtkcomboboxentry...
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.99.0 to 2.99.1
* More widgets are using GtkStyleContext directly:
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