Commit 01f7ed1d authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

window: Deprecate gtk_window_reshow_with_initial_size()

parent d90e3670
......@@ -4871,6 +4871,10 @@ gtk_window_get_position (GtkWindow *window,
* Hides @window, then reshows it, resetting the
* default size and position of the window. Used
* by GUI builders only.
* Deprecated: 3.10: GUI builders can call gtk_widget_hide(),
* gtk_widget_unrealize() and then gtk_widget_show() on @window
* themselves, if they still need this functionality.
gtk_window_reshow_with_initial_size (GtkWindow *window)
......@@ -315,6 +315,7 @@ GtkWindowGroup *gtk_window_get_group (GtkWindow *window);
gboolean gtk_window_has_group (GtkWindow *window);
/* Ignore this unless you are writing a GUI builder */
void gtk_window_reshow_with_initial_size (GtkWindow *window);
GtkWindowType gtk_window_get_window_type (GtkWindow *window);
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