Commit 00d79fdb authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom

Fixed gtk_cell_area_stop_editing() to properly notify when editing is not canceled

This fixes bug 653289, in gtk+-2 gtk_tree_view_stop_editing() was previously
responsible for notifying with gtk_cell_editable_editing_done(), this detail
was missed when porting the cell renderer management to GtkCellArea.
parent b9286644
......@@ -3464,11 +3464,14 @@ gtk_cell_area_activate_cell (GtkCellArea *area,
* @area: a #GtkCellArea
* @canceled: whether editing was canceled.
* Explicitly stops the editing of the currently
* edited cell (see gtk_cell_area_get_edited_cell()).
* Explicitly stops the editing of the currently edited cell.
* If @canceled is %TRUE, the cell renderer will emit
* the ::editing-canceled signal.
* If @canceled is %TRUE, the currently edited cell renderer
* will emit the ::editing-canceled signal, otherwise the
* the ::editing-done signal will be emitted on the current
* edit widget.
* See gtk_cell_area_get_edited_cell() and gtk_cell_area_get_edit_widget().
* Since: 3.0
......@@ -3490,6 +3493,13 @@ gtk_cell_area_stop_editing (GtkCellArea *area,
/* Stop editing of the cell renderer */
gtk_cell_renderer_stop_editing (priv->edited_cell, canceled);
/* When editing is explicitly halted either
* the "editing-canceled" signal is emitted on the cell
* renderer or the "editing-done" signal on the GtkCellEditable widget
if (!canceled)
gtk_cell_editable_editing_done (edit_widget);
/* Remove any references to the editable widget */
gtk_cell_area_set_edited_cell (area, NULL);
gtk_cell_area_set_edit_widget (area, NULL);
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