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    GDK W32: Be honest about supported clipboard formats · 4c6d60ce
    LRN authored
    Do not lie to W32 about the formats that we provide or accept.
    Originally the logic behind such lies was that GdkPixbuf allows us to
    convert any supported image to BMP or PNG, and therefore we should
    announce that we always provide/accept BMP and PNG along with other
    But that's not how it works. GDK has built-in serializers and
    deserializers for all pixbuf formats (where it just invokes GdkPixbuf
    API) and will use them automatically to read or write GdkTexture
    objects (internally wrapping GdkPixbuf objects where necessary). The
    encoding and decoding of images is handled
    by GdkContent(De)Serializers, backend has nothing to do with it.
    Therefore W32 GDK backend should only offer formats that it can
    actually do conversion for by itself (such as image/bmp <-> CF_DIB,
    or text/uri-list <-> CFSTR_SHELLIDLIST).