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    Don't deprecate gtk_widget_show_all() · da8994f9
    Benjamin Otte authored
    After discussions on IRC, the conclusion was reached that deprecations
    only make sense if an action can be taken to not use the deprecated code
    that makes the code more current and simplifies a later port to a newer
    GTK version.
    In this particular case, the suitable action would be adding
    gtk_widget_show() calls whenever a widget is created, so that a call to
    show_all() is not necessary.
    However, in GTK4 these calls would not be necessary and end up just
    bloating the codebase unnecessarily.
    So it was decided the better solution would be to not deprecate the API
    and instead leave this work to be done during potential GTK4 ports of
    This reverts commit 4d71d230.
    Fixes !1282
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