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    widget: Add send_focus_change() · f04a7203
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Currently the only users of the GTK_HAS_FOCUS flag are setting it
    before sending a focus change event. This is normally needed by
    GtkWindow, but there are widgets that require controlling the focus
    of widgets that are semantically their children even though they are
    parented to another top-level. Case in point: the quick search entry
    for GtkTreeView.
    Over the years people have been hacking the focus change out of
    gtkwindow.c and gtktreeview.c, thus leaking the direct access of the
    GTK_HAS_FOCUS flag.
    The simplest way to avoid that is to add a function that sends the
    focus change event and controls the setting of the flag, thus removing
    the need for external widgets to do the same.
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