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    GDK-Win32: Enable HiDPI support for Windows · 4add92a4
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This enables HiDPI support for GTK+ on Windows, so that the
    fonts and window look better on HiDPI displays.  Notes for the current
    -The DPI awareness enabling can be disabled if and only if an application
     manifest is not embedded in the app to enable DPI awareness AND a user
     compatibility setting is not set to limit DPI awareness for the app, via
     the envvar GDK_WIN32_DISABLE_HIDPI.  The app manifest/user setting for
     DPI awareness will always win against the envvar, and so the HiDPI items
     will be always setup in such scenarios, unless DPI awareness is disabled.
    -Both automatic detection for the scaling factor and setting the scale
     factor using the GDK_SCALE envvar are supported, where the envvar takes
     precedence, which will therefore disable automatic scaling when
     resolution changes.
    -I am unable to test the wintab items because I don't have such devices
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