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    GDK W32: Handle drivers that do not send WT_CSRCHANGE after WT_PROXIMITY · f9df0fc9
    LRN authored
    Some drivers don't do that (not sure whether that is the correct behaviour
    or not). Remember each WT_PROXIMITY with LOWORD(lParam) != 0 that we get,
    then look for a WT_CSRCHANGE. If WT_CSRCHANGE doesn't come, but a WT_PACKET
    does, assume that this device is the one that sent WT_PROXIMITY.
    Also include fallback code to ensure that WT_PACKETs for an enabled device
    disable the system pointer, because WT_PROXIMITY handler might have
    enabled it by mistake, since it's not possible to know which device left
    the proximity (it might have been a disabled device).
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