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    Don't do completion in the middle of an incomplete hostname · e4bc68ba
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    	Fix completion so it doesn't pop up for every character in a URI
    	* gtk/gtkfilechooser.h (GtkFileChooserError): Add a
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystem.c (_gtk_file_system_parse): Return an
    	"incomplete hostname" error if the user has not typed a full
    	hostname yet in an URI.
    	* gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c (append_common_prefix): If we get an
    	incomplete hostname, just don't pop up an error, since that is a
    	transient state and the user doesn't need to be notified about it.
    	(refresh_current_folder_and_file_part): Don't revert to showing
    	the base folder if we have an incomplete hostname.
    	(reload_current_folder): Handle the passed folder being NULL, even
    	if we must force a reload.  Also, reload the folder if we didn't
    	have a cancellable for it (i.e. we hadn't started to load it
    Signed-off-by: default avatarFederico Mena Quintero <federico@novell.com>
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=22157
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