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    Soeren Sandmann authored
    Sat Aug 14 17:56:33 2004  Soeren Sandmann  <sandmann@daimi.au.dk>
    	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_get_pixel_ranges): New function.
    	* gtk/gtkentry.c (in_selection): New function using
    	gtk_entry_get_pixel_ranges() to determine whether a click is in
    	the selection. Improve entry behavior wrt. dragging and
    	selecting. Bug #143249.
    Sat Aug 14 17:53:46 2004  Soeren Sandmann  <sandmann@daimi.au.dk>
    	* configure.in: Require glib 2.5.2
    	* gtk/gtksequence.[ch]: New internal data structure.
    	* gtk/gtkliststore.[hc]: Reimplement in terms of new data
    	* tests/Makefile.am (testtreemodel_SOURCES):
    	* tests/testtreemodel.c: New test program written by Matthias.
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