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    GtkWidget: Add gtk_widget_insert_action_group() · d30d5645
    Lars Uebernickel authored
    This allows adding a GActionGroup with a given name at an arbitrary
    point in the widget tree.
    This patch also adds an internal _get_action_muxer() API.  Calling this
    will create a GActionMuxer associated with the widget.  The parent of
    the muxer will be the muxer of the widget's conceptual parent.  For
    non-menus, that is the normal parent.  For menus, it is the attach
    In this way, we end up with a hierarchy of GActionMuxer that largely
    reflects the hierarchy of GtkWidget, but only in places that the action
    context has been requested.  These muxers are the ones on which the
    inserted actions groups are installed.
    A following patch will add a user of this API.
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