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    application: Allow sub-classes to override the Window creation · 4f357dbf
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Sub-classes of GtkApplication might want to override the way an
    application window is created - for instance, to hook into GtkBuilder
    or to set up some basic UI or state.
    A new GtkApplication::create_window() virtual function is added to the
    GtkApplicationClass vtable, which returns the newly created GtkWindow.
    The gtk_application_create_window() function calls the vfunc and adds
    the returned window to the list of windows managed by the application
    Calling gtk_application_add_window() will also set the default window,
    if one is not already set.
    This commit also removes a spurious g_object_ref_sink() on the newly
    created GtkWindow.
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