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    ComboBox: Do not select item before menu realised · 7fca5021
    Daniel Boles authored
    For a menu mode CB with wrap_width == 0 and an active item, that item is
    selected in gtk_combo_box_menu_popup. Selection causes the MenuShell to
    activate and hence take a grab. This was done before the menu was popped
    up. A patch distributed in Debian sid - after being proposed on our BZ -
    revealed that on the 1st popup of any such ComboBox, within grab_add,
    the MenuShell's toplevel's GdkWindow is NULL. This causes a Gdk-CRITICAL
    assertion fail on the 1st time opening any such CB, on Debian and if
    that patch were merged to GTK+. By selecting after popup, we ensure the
    MenuShell is realised before its grab_add and so avoid the critical.
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