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    gtkplacessidebar: add API for show drop hints · 91e1e808
    Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
    It is convenient to allow applications to show all the drop
    targets at once. This improves the user experience with drag
    an drop.
    The new API allows the application to set the gtkplacessidebar
    in a mode where invalid drop targets are insensitive and it
    adds a "new bookmark" row. This mode is intended to be set
    when the application is aware of a dnd operation and needs to
    be stopped kwhen the application is aware that dnd operation
    was cancelled or ended in a different part than gtkplacesisdebar.
    The context parameter is unused in this patch, but will be
    used in next patches when the sidebar will use a GtkListBox.
    The reason of being unused now is just convenience.
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