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    Free the display_key. · 613b441b
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    2003-09-08  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
    	* gtkfilesystem.c (gtk_file_info_free): Free the display_key.
    	* gtkfilechooserimpldefault.c (list_mtime_data_func): New
    	(create_file_list): Add a modification time column; remove the
    	size column.
    	(mtime_sort_func): New callback.
    	(tree_selection_changed): Add a sorting function for the mtime
    	column.  Have the model fetch the modification time as well.
    	(tree_selection_changed): Do allow the file list model to show
    	* testfilechooser.c (my_new_from_file_at_size): Do not try to read
    	non-regular files.
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