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    gtk/gtksignal.[ch] gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkcontainer.[ch] · 888470ee
    Owen Taylor authored
    Thu Feb 12 23:59:49 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
    	* gtk/gtksignal.[ch] gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkcontainer.[ch]
    	  gtk/gtkselection.[ch] gdk/gdk.[ch] gtktypeutils.h
     	  Replaced all _interp functions with _full functions.
    	  (_interp functions left in for compatibility until 0.99.5).
    	  Difference: _full functions take _both_ a C-language callback and a
    	  marshaller, and simply ignore the C-language callback
    	  if the marshaller is present. This allows the destroy notification
    	  to be used without marshalling.
    	  gtk_selection_add_handler[_full]() regularized to agree
    	  with other callbacks.
    	  Also, added gtk_input_add_full() to the header file.
    	  (gtk_input_add_interp() was never there)
    	* gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkwidget.c: Idle functions are now prioritized.
    	  Added new function gtk_idle_add_priority to create
    	  an idle with a specified priority (default is zero)
    	  constants #defined - GTK_PRIORITY_[HIGH/INTERNAL/DEFAULT/LOW]
    	  (redraws, resizes run at GTK_PRIORITY_INTERNAL)
    	* gtk/gtkentry.c gtk/testselection.c: changes to keep up with change
      	  to gtkselection.c.
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