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    Benjamin Otte authored
    This borrows heavily from the CSS4 fonts draft's font-palette, currently
    found at https://drafts.csswg.org/css-fonts-4/#font-palette-control
    The palette is mainly meant to trigger invalidations when colors used for
    symbolic icons change, to potentially allow extending supported colors
    in symbolic icons and to recolor all colors of a symbolic icon, not just
    the main one.
    The syntax for the property goes like this:
    Name:        -gtk-icon-palette
    Value:       default | name <color> [ , name <color> ]*
    Initial:     default
    Applies to:  all elements with icons
    Inherited:   yes
    Animatable:  yes, each color animated separately
    The property defines a list of named colors to be used when looking up
    icons. If a name is not defined, the value of the current "color"
    property is used. Which names are relevant depends on the icons in use.
    Currently symbolic icons make use of the names "success", "warning" and
    "default" is the current behavior of the GTK when coloring symbolic
    icons and is equal to the string
      success @success_color, warning @warning_color, error @error_color
    Animation is crudely implemented by animating colors that are in both
    palettes that are animated and otherwise keeping the color from the
    palette that defined it. Note that this can cause a sharp cut at the
    beginning or end of the animation when the color goes away and will
    therefore be replaced with the color property.
    You can see an example of animations at
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