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    gtknotebook: avoid tab dnd from content · ddb0740a
    Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
    Before commit 6c1bee23 we were setting an attribute of GtkNotebook
    to track the pressed button if the pressed button happened on the
    tab itself.
    Later in the motion handling code we were checking whether the private
    pressed button attribute was set or not in order to handle a tab dnd
    or not.
    In commit 6c1bee23 the code changed and set the pressed button
    variable unconditionally, which means, a motion event from within the
    tab content triggered a tab reordering.
    This happened only if the children hierarchy have a widget that bubbles
    up both button press event, which sets the private pressed button
    attribute; and motion events, which started the tab dnd checking the
    private pressed button attribute.
    A widget that experienced the regression was GtkListBox.
    In order to fix it, set the button pressed variable only when it press
    the tab itself, not the content.
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