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    Remove dead code. Reduce spurious differences between this file and · 3827704d
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    2006-08-23  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@novell.com>
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystemwin32.c: Remove dead code. Reduce spurious
    	differences between this file and gtkfilesystemunix.c so that it
    	is easier to compare them and check if differences are
    	intentional. I will later factor out the common functions and code
    	snippets from these two files.
    2006-08-23  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@novell.com>
    	Fix several problems with the file chooser on Windows, for
    	instance prevent duplicated directory entries from appearing.
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystem.c (gtk_file_paths_sort): Use
    	_gtk_file_system_win32_path_compare() on Windows for casefolded
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystemwin32.c (casefolded_hash, casefolded_equal):
    	case-independent hash and equality functions. Scan the UTF-8
    	strings gunichar by gunichar, and ignore special casing rules, to
    	more closely match NTFS behaviour.
    	(gtk_file_system_win32_init): Use casefolded_hash() and
    	casefolded_equal() for the folder hash table.
    	(remove_trailing_slash): Don't remove the slash of a drive or
    	share root.
    	(get_mime_type_for_file): Take also a WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA as
    	argument, and use that to recognize directories. Don't call
    	g_file_test() to check for executables, just look at the file name
    	extension directly.
    	(gtk_file_system_win32_make_path): Check illegal chars in file
    	name, like in gtkfilesystemunix.c.
    	(create_file_info): Drop unused basename parameter. Call
    	g_filename_display_name() directly for roots, as
    	g_filename_display_basename() mishandles those.
    	(gtk_file_folder_win32_get_info): Skip sanity check for now, as it
    	fails for server share roots. Construct basename only in the if
    	branch that uses it.
    	(fill_in_names): Use casefolded_hash() and casefolded_equal() for
    	the folder's stat_info hash table, too.
    	(_gtk_file_system_win32_path_compare): Scan the strings gunichar
    	by gunichar and ignore special casing here, too, instead of using
    	g_utf8_casefold(). Match slash and backslash.
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