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    Windows: Update how gtk-win32.rc is generated · 5962daef
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    On Visual Studio, unlike MinGW, manifest files are embedded via
    including the manifest file as a resource file in the projects, not
    via the .rc file.  This means that the line in the .rc file that
    specifies the manifest file would cause trouble, so that line gets
    removed when the full gtk3-win32.rc is generated on Visual Studio builds,
    otherwise 2010+ Visual Studio will complain when compiling the .rc file.
    Also, the inclusion of winuser.h will cause warnings during the
    compilation of the .rc file.
    Fix this by isolating the Win32 resource portions of gtk-win32.rc.in to
    gtk-win32.rc.body.in and:
    -On MinGW, construct the full gtk-win32.rc by doing the winver.h and
     winuser.h inclusion first, then append the contents of gtk-win32.rc.body,
     and then appending the line to embed the manifest file.
    -On Visual Studio, simply copy the gtk-win32.rc.body to gtk-win32.rc,
     and generate the full libgtk3.manifest file.
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