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General Information
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This is GTK+ version 1.0.0.   GTK+, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, 
is a library for creating graphical user interfaces for the X Window 
System. It is designed to be small, efficient, and flexible. GTK+ is 
written in C with a very object-oriented approach.

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The official ftp site is:

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The official web site is:

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A mailing list is located at:

To subscribe: mail -s subscribe < /dev/null
(Send mail to with the subject "subscribe")
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See the file 'INSTALL'

How to report bugs

To report a bug, send mail either to gtk-list, as mentioned
above, or to If you send mail to gtk-list, you
must be subscribed yourself.

In the mail include:

* The version of GTK

* Information about your system. For instance:

   - What operating system and version
   - What version of X
   - For Linux, what version of the C library

  And anything else you think is relevant.

* How to reproduce the bug. 

  If you can reproduce it with the testgtk program that is built 
  in the gtk/ subdirectory, that will be most convenient.  Otherwise, 
  please include a short test program that exhibits the behavior. 
  As a last resort, you can also provide a pointer to a larger piece 
  of software that can be downloaded.

  (Bugs that can be reproduced within the  GIMP are almost as good 
  as bugs that can be reproduced in testgtk. If you are reporting a 
  bug found with the GIMP, please include the version number of the GIMP 
  you are using)

* If the bug was a crash, the exact text that was printed out
  when the crash occured.

* Further information such as stack traces may be useful, but
  is not necessary. If you do send a stack trace, and the error
  is an X error, it will be more useful if the stacktrace
  is produced running the test program with the --sync command
  line option.


Patches can be uploaded to the incoming/ directory on  Please follow the instructions there, and include
your name and email address in the README file.

If the patch fixes a bug, it is usually a good idea to include
all the information described in "How to Report Bugs".