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The 'configure' script can be given a number of options to
enable and disable various features. For a complete list,
  ./configure --help

*  --enable-xim            support XIM [default=yes]

Specifying --disable-xim will disable support for entering
internationalized text using X Input Methods. This will give
some slight savings in speed and memory use and might be necessary
with older versions of X.

* --with-locale=LOCALE    locale name you want to use

The --with-locale options is used to determine if your operating
system has support for the locale you will be using. If not, X's built
in locale support will be used.

Because of bugs in autoconf, it is necessary to specify this option
even if your LANG environment variable is correctly set.

This option does not determine which locale GTK will use at
runtime. That will be determined from the usual environment variables.
If you will be using multiple locales with GTK, specify the one
for which your operating system has the worst support for the 
--with-locale option.

Note for using XIM support with kinput2

There is a bug in older versions of kinput2 that will cause 
GTK to hang when destroying a text entry. The latest versions
of kinput is available from: