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The Win32 port of GTk+ is a work in progress, and not as stable or
correct as the Unix/X11 version. For more information about the Win32
port, see or .

To build GTk+ on Win32, you need either Microsoft compiler and tools,
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or gcc-2.95 or later running under cygwin-b20.1. Compile in gdk\win32
and gtk with `nmake -f makefile.msc` or `make -f
makefile.cygwin`. Before doing a install, check the BIN definition in
gdk\win32\makefile.msc (or makefile.cygwin) and gtk\makefile.msc (or

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See the README.win32 file in the GLib distribution for instructions
how to build with gcc.
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The tablet support uses the Wintab API. The Wintab development kit can
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be downloaded from If you don't care for
that, undefine HAVE_WINTAB in config.h.win32 before building.

GTk+ wants to be built with the GNU "intl" library for
internationalisation (i18n). Get the version ported to Win32 (not a
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very big deal) from tml's web site mentioned above. We build the
"intl" library to a DLL called gnu-intl.dll to reduce name clash
risks. If you don't want any i18n stuff, undefine ENABLE_NLS,
HAVE_GETTEXT and HAVE_LIBINTL in the config.h.win32 file, and remove
references to the gnu-intl library from the makefiles.

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Note that while the GNU gettext package is under the GPL, the "intl"
library part as distributed with GNU libc is under the LGPL (like GTk+
or GLib). We want the LGPL one, even if they are the same, more or