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AT-SPI socket

From the main commit:

This is a GtkAccessible object that represents a connection to a remote
plug object. It is particular to the AT-SPI backend, which is why it's
made to fail when gtk_at_context_create() creates anything that is not
a GtkAtSpiContext.

The resulting accessible object created by GtkAtSpiSocket only ever has
1 child, which is the remote accessible plug object. This remote object
cannot be represented by an actual GtkAccessible instance without
copying over its contents, which is unfeasible; therefore, add special
cases in exactly 3 places in GtkAtSpiContext to handle this.

This object is made so that WebKitGTK, which renders web pages and keeps
the a11y tree of the DOM page in a separate process, can be bridged to
the GTK4 UI process.
Edited by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

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