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Rename the included theme to Default, with 4 variants: light, dark, hc, hc-dark. This replaces Adwaita, Adwaita:dark, HighContrast and HighContrastInverse. We still make the themes available under these names, and we still set up Adwaita-dark and HighContrastInverse as the dark variants of Adwaita and HighContrast.

The unification of the theme variants under Default is not quite perfect; it would be nice to merge the assets/ and assets-hc/ subdirectories and render all assets from a single svg file.

Merging the later commits of this needs to wait until libadwaita exists and provides the Adwaita and HighContrast themes.

Still to do here:

  • Include a rump icontheme, and name it 'Default'
  • Provide an alternative for implementing the High-conrast a11y option. Theme switching is not great for this, now that we won't have the HighContrast theme in GTK anymore.
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