Resolve #628: "TextView: spaces acting as non-breaking whitespace if :left- or :right-margin is set"

Peter Bloomfield requested to merge (removed):628-text-view-width into gtk-3-22

Reverts part of Commit 25b67af3

The 'width' part of the commit is the cause of #628 (closed): requisition->width is first set to priv->layout->width, which already includes priv->left_border + priv->right_border. It's a bit labyrinthine, but essentially:

  • layout->width is set in update_layout_size() (gtktextlayout.c line 992) as the maximum line width, and
  • the line width is set to display->width in gtk_text_layout_real_wrap() (gtktextlayout.c line 1183), and
  • display->width is set to text_pixel_width + h_margin + h_padding in gtk_text_layout_get_line_display() (gtktextlayout.c line 2584), and
  • h_margin + h_padding is the same as priv->left_border + priv->right_border.

Adding it again leads to an increase in the size-request, which results in wider lines; rinse and repeat.

Closes #628 (closed)

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