1. 30 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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      gtkimagedefinition: Extend commit b38266c0 · 54d319bc
      Peter Bloomfield authored
      Similarly, uses casts in `gtk_image_definition_unref()`. Compilation
      succeeds without them, unlike in `gtk_image_definition_ref()`, because
      `gtk_image_definition_unref()` is not called internally, unlike
      `gtk_image_definition_ref()`. But the build would fail if some function
      defined in the module were changed in the future to call
      `gtk_image_definition_unref()`, and we can future-proof it now. This
      also removes an inconsistency in how we access the members of the union.
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      gtkimagedefinition: Check array bounds · a5d208ad
      Peter Bloomfield authored
      `jhbuild build gtk+-3` with GCC 12 fails with:
      In function ‘gtk_image_definition_ref’,
          inlined from ‘gtk_image_definition_new_empty’
          at ../../../../jhbuild/checkout/gtk+-3/gtk/gtkimagedefinition.c:107:10:
      ../../../../jhbuild/checkout/gtk+-3/gtk/gtkimagedefinition.c:241:13: error:
          array subscript ‘GtkImageDefinition {aka union _GtkImageDefinition}[0]’
          is partly outside array bounds of ‘GtkImageDefinitionEmpty[1]’
          {aka ‘struct _GtkImageDefinitionEmpty[1]’} [-Werror=array-bounds]
        241 |   def->empty.ref_count++;
            |   ~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~
          In function ‘gtk_image_definition_new_empty’:
      ../../../../jhbuild/checkout/gtk+-3/gtk/gtkimagedefinition.c:105:34: note:
      object ‘empty’ of size 8
        105 |   static GtkImageDefinitionEmpty empty = { GTK_IMAGE_EMPTY, 1 };
            |                                  ^~~~~
      and many similar errors.
      Fix it by casting `GtkImageDefinition` to `GtkImageDefinitionEmpty` or
      similar, as appropriate.
      Essentially backports 4dcd02e8 from main to gtk-3-24.
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      Visual Studio projects: Generate versioned sources · cef32931
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Instead of relying on the ones that are currently shipped with the tarballs,
      generate them from their .in counterparts prior to the build.  This includes
      the Resource Scripts (.rc) for libgdk/libgtk, as well as gtkversion.h, in
      addition to gdkversionmacros.h which can now be generated during prebuild.
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      Visual Studio projects: Improve generating libgtk sources · 6789ff74
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This improves the source generating process by:
      *  Generating the sources in the libgtk build directory, so that we do not
         pollute the source tree.
      *  Support generating gtk[private]typebuiltins.[c|h] in the Visual Studio
         projects by using NMake internally.
      *  Update the projects and the introspection build files so that the generated
         sources and headers can be found.
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      gtk/build: Split out part of headers listings · 8eaddde3
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This will enable us to share this list with the NMake Makefiles that will be
      used to generate the gtk[private]typebuiltins.[c|h] in the Visual Studio
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      Visual Studio projects: Improve generating GDK sources · 334333f7
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This makes the rest of the sources that are generated being put in GDK's build
      directory for the Visual Studio projects, instead of being placed in GDK's
      source subdir, so that:
      *  We can avoid polluting GDK's source tree.
      *  The Visual Studio builds won't interfere with the Meson builds.
      Update the project files to look for the generated sources and headers in the
      right places, as well as making the introspection builds look for the generated
      sources as well.
      Also remove the gtk3-gen-srcs property sheets and put the relevant parts in the
      corresponding gtk3-build-defines property sheets, to clean things up a bit.
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      macOS: Dock "Quit" invokes "app.quit" action · cbd9715c
      Thomas Holder authored
      Allows the application to handle "Dock icon > Quit" the same as
      "Application menu > Quit".
      Requires GtkApplication's `register-session` property.
      Suitable replacement for gtk-mac-integration's
      `NSApplicationBlockTermination` signal.
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  24. 29 Nov, 2021 2 commits
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      fontchooser: Avoid setting variations needlessly · 1b789197
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Setting variations to their default value causes
      them to show up in the serialization of the font
      description - a font description has no idea about
      the default values, so can't filter them out.
      Avoid that.
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      gtkfontchooserwidget.c: Always enable font features with later Pango · e1422d73
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This is a backport of the code in GTK4 where we can use the font
      features that is given to us via HarfBuzz if we have Pango 1.44.x and
      HarfBuzz 2.2.0 or later installed, even if we do not have PangoFT2
      Since Pango 1.44.x depends on HarfBuzz for all platforms after 1.44.0,
      we could take advantage of that and build the support in
      Add a directive that is to be used by Visual Studio compilers via the
      Visual Studio projects to link to harfbuzz.lib automatically, so that
      this support can be linked properly if we have the required Pango and
      HarfBuzz headers and lib's installed.  Meson builds via Visual Studio
      should handle this automatically, since pkg-config is being used there.
      Since HAVE_PANGOFT2 and HAVE_HARFBUZZ is not defined by default in the
      Visaul Studio projects, we will leave it up to the user to enable them
      themselves and put in pangoft2-1.0.lib and harfbuzz.lib in the project
      settings by themselves, or they could use Meson, as we did before.
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