1. 17 Aug, 1998 6 commits
  2. 16 Aug, 1998 1 commit
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      fatal warning option is split up now, "--g-fatal-warnings" causes fatal · 31de6ff4
      Tim Janik authored
      Sun Aug 16 20:51:59 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkmain.c (gtk_init): fatal warning option is split up now,
              "--g-fatal-warnings" causes fatal warnings in GLib,
              "--gdk-fatal-warnings" causes fatal warnings in Gdk,
              "--gtk-fatal-warnings" causes fatal warnings in Gtk.
              * gtk/Makefile.am: define G_LOG_DOMAIN for gtk.
              * gdk/Makefile.am: define G_LOG_DOMAIN for gdk.
              * gtk/testgtk.c:
              * gdk/gxid.c:
              we need ugly #undef G_LOG_DOMAIN at the start of these files currently,
              since automake doesn't support per target _CFLAGS yet.
              * configure.in: require GLib 1.1.3.
  3. 15 Aug, 1998 1 commit
  4. 14 Aug, 1998 1 commit
  5. 13 Aug, 1998 2 commits
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Changed GtkSignalFunc back to () from (void). (again!) · 814bfe13
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu Aug 13 16:47:44 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* Changed GtkSignalFunc back to () from (void). (again!)
    • BST 1998  Tony Gale's avatar
      - Tidy up of the menufactory example from Andy Kahn <kahn@zk3.dec.com> - · e8e76925
      BST 1998 Tony Gale authored
      Thu Aug 13 09:11:11 BST 1998  Tony Gale  <gale@gtk.org>
              * docs/gtk_tut.sgml:
                - Tidy up of the menufactory example from
                  Andy Kahn <kahn@zk3.dec.com>
                - New section on Range Widgets from
                  David Huggins-Daines <bn711@freenet.carleton.ca>
                - Started a new section on 'Advanced Event and Signal
                  Handling' - used an email from Owen.
                - New appendix on Gdk Event Types
                - Added the tictactoe full example code to the
                  'Code Examples' appendix
  6. 12 Aug, 1998 3 commits
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      More ChangeLog fixups. · 7a235648
      Owen Taylor authored
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Removed leftover bits from ChangeLog · 0346147a
      Owen Taylor authored
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Added gdk_text/string_extents() - too calculate all the metrics at once of · 4af7480f
      Owen Taylor authored
      Tue Jul 21 12:42:01 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gdk/gdk.h gdk/gdkfont.c: Added gdk_text/string_extents() -
      	  too calculate all the metrics at once of a string, including
      	  things which weren't calculated before.
      	* gtk/Makefile.am gtk/gtk.h gtk/gtktearoffmenu.[ch]: New
      	  MenuItem type, that when put as the first thing in a
      	  menu, makes the menu tearoff. Currently drawn as a
      	  dashed line.
      	* gtk/gtkmenuitem.h gtk/gtkcheckmenuitem.c: Added a flag
      	  "hide_on_activate" to the MenuItem class structure to allow
      	  check and radio buttons to be changed with <Space> without
      	  hiding the menu.
      	* gtk/gtkaccellabel.[ch]: Added new capabilities to set
      	  a underline_group and underline_mods for the label -
      	  accelerators added in the underline group matching
      	  underline_mods will be displayed as an underline character.
      	  This doesn't work - Save As needs to be underlined
      	  as Save _As.
      	* gtk/gtkitemfactory.c:
      	  - Create a AccelGroup for each MenuShell we create.
      	  - If an '&' appears before a  character 'c' in the path,
      	    then make 'c' an accelerator in the menu's accel group,
      	    and if the menuitem is menubar <alt>C an accelerator
      	    in the itemfactory's accel group.
      	* gtk/gtklabel.[ch]: Add support for a pattern arg -
                which is a string. If an '_' appears in this string,
      	  the corresponding position in the label is underlined.
                Add gtk_label_parse_uline() convenience function which
      	  takes a string with embedded underlines, sets the
      	  pattern and label, and returns the accelerator keyval.
      	* gtk/gtkmenu.[ch]: Make menus no longer a toplevel widget.
      	  Instead, they create a GtkWindow and add themselves
      	  to that. (When torn off, another new feature, they
      	  create another GtkWindow to hold the torn off menu)
      	  New function gtk_menu_set_tearoff_state()
      	* gtk/gtkenums.h gtk/gtkmenushell.[ch] gtk/gtkenums.h:
      	  Added action signals  for keyboard navigation of menus.
      	* gtk/gtkmenushell.c: Key press handler which activates
                bindings for navigation, and accelerators, for handling
      	  underline accelerators. Exported functions to select
      	  and activate menu items in a menushell.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c: Added a new "Item Factory" test which
      	  tests GtkItemFactory and the new keyboard navigation
      	  of menus.
  7. 11 Aug, 1998 4 commits
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      relookup nodes after external functions have been called. also relookup · 5d270c2f
      Tim Janik authored
      Tue Aug 11 20:52:58 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtktypeutils.c (gtk_type_class_init): relookup nodes after
              external functions have been called. also relookup nodes after
              this function has been invoked.
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Removed has_cursor, set the cursor beginning of Text when creating the · ca7082a0
      Owen Taylor authored
      Tue Aug 11 15:04:52 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtktext.[ch]: Removed has_cursor, set the cursor
      	  beginning of Text when creating the Text widget.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c: Grab the focus on the text widget so
      	  as to test out the above.
      Tue Aug 11 14:55:00 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkeditable.c: Reverted part of timj's change of Jul 16.
      	  ::changed is a notification signal and should have no default
      	  handler. A complete redraw of the Text widget does _not_ need to
      	  be done on every text insertion.
      Tue Aug 11 13:07:29 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkwindow.[ch]:
      	  Add gtk_window_set_modal() which sets a flag; when
      	  set the window does a gtk_grab_add() when the window
      	  is shown, and a gtk_grab_remove() when the window
      	  is hidden.
      	* gtk/gtkfilesel.[ch]: Test if it is running in modal form and in
      	  that case will run "Create Dir","Delete File" and "Rename File"
      	  dialogs as modal too.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c: Added a button with an example of creating modal
      	  dialog boxes. Including file selection and color selection standard
      Tue Aug 11 00:44:47 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkhscrollbar.c gtk/gtkvscrollbar.c gtk/gtktoolbar.c:
      	  Removed CAN_FOCUS by default from scrollbars, button
      	  children of toolbar. (But not GDK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_WIDGET children)
      	  (Scrollbar definitely good change, toolbar bit more questionable)
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      #include fixes (reported by Asbjoern Pettersen). · b46f089b
      Tim Janik authored
      Tue Aug 11 17:49:33 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * examples/packbox/packbox.c: #include fixes (reported by Asbjoern
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Applied gtk-pedersen-980727-0; added all logical operations to · f6abe644
      Owen Taylor authored
      Tue Aug 11 00:35:56 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gdk/gdkgc.c gdk/gdktypes.h: Applied gtk-pedersen-980727-0;
      	  added all logical operations to gc->function.
  8. 10 Aug, 1998 2 commits
  9. 06 Aug, 1998 2 commits
  10. 05 Aug, 1998 3 commits
    • Stefan Jeske's avatar
      new enum GtkSortType. · c8df83a2
      Stefan Jeske authored
      Wed Aug  5 21:12:37 1998  Stefan Jeske  <stefan@gtk.org>
      	* gtk/gtkenums.h: new enum GtkSortType.
      	* gtk/gtkclist.h:
      	* gtk/gtkclist.c:
      	Added sorting capabilities to GtkCList. New APIs :
      	gtk_clist_set_compare_func, gtk_clist_set_sort_column,
      	gtk_clist_set_sort_type, gtk_clist_sort, gtk_clist_set_auto_sort.
      	New internal functions : default_compare, merge, mergesort.
      	(gtk_clist_append): This is just a wrapper for gtk_clist_insert now.
      	(gtk_clist_insert): Modified to handle gtk_clist_append and the
      	auto sort flag. Changed the return value from void to gint to
      	return the row number where the element was actually inserted.
      	(gtk_clist_swap_rows): Return immediately if auto sort flag is set.
      	* gtk/gtkctree.h:
      	* gtk/gtkctree.c:
      	Removed the auto_sort flag, replaced ctree->node_compare with
      	clist->compare all over the place, modified default_compare to
      	match clist's needs. Removed APIs : gtk_ctree_set_auto_sort,
      	gtk_ctree_set_compare_func. Removed GtkCTreeCompareFunc typedef.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c: Modified clist/ctree samples to demonstrate
      	sorting. The lists can be sorted by a column by clicking the
      	corresponding title button.
    • PDT 1998 Shawn T. Amundson's avatar
      Released GTK+ 1.1.1 · e48d4e71
      PDT 1998 Shawn T. Amundson authored
      Tue Aug  4 22:02:49 PDT 1998 Shawn T. Amundson <amundson@gtk.org>
              * Released GTK+ 1.1.1
    • Lars Hamann's avatar
      changed to return a gboolean (gtk_ctree_insert_gnode): new function for · e3b8e185
      Lars Hamann authored
      Wed Aug  5 02:57:20 1998  Lars Hamann  <lars@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkctree.h:
              * gtk/gtkctree.c:
              (gtk_ctree_find): changed to return a gboolean
              (gtk_ctree_insert_gnode): new function for recursive insertion of a
              GNode tree.
              (gtk_ctree_real_select_recursive): fix for extended selection
              (gtk_ctree_sort_recursive): in case node == NULL, sort root nodes too.
              (gtk_ctree_set_node_info) (set_node_info): few fixes for expanded flag
  11. 04 Aug, 1998 4 commits
  12. 03 Aug, 1998 2 commits
  13. 02 Aug, 1998 3 commits
  14. 31 Jul, 1998 1 commit
    • Lars Hamann's avatar
      Few fixes for column resize. Store resize column in clist->drag_pos. · 8ad52d10
      Lars Hamann authored
      Fri Jul 31 20:45:07 1998  Lars Hamann  <lars@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkclist.c (gtk_clist_button_press) (gtk_clist_motion)
              (gtk_clist_button_release) (new_column_width): Few fixes for
              column resize. Store resize column in clist->drag_pos.
      Thu Jul 31 15:18:36 1998  Lars Hamann  <lars@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkctree.h
              * gtk/gtkctree.c
              * gtk/testgtk.c : New typedef GtkCTreeNode, changed all GList *node
              to GtkCTreeNode *node.
              * gtk/gtklist.h : added extended selection mode and auto scrolling.
              (struct _GtkList): removed unneeded variables timer, button,
              selection_start_pos, selection_end_pos, scroll_direction, have_grab.
              Added new variables undo_selection, undo_unselection, last_focus_child,
              undo_focus_child, htimer, vtimer, anchor, drag_pos, anchor_state,
              drag_selection, add_mode.
              New functions :
              (gtk_list_extend_selection), (gtk_list_start_selection),
              (gtk_list_end_selection), (gtk_list_select_all),
              (gtk_list_unselect_all), (gtk_list_scroll_horizontal),
              (gtk_list_scroll_vertical), (gtk_list_toggle_add_mode),
              (gtk_list_toggle_focus_row), (gtk_list_toggle_row),
              (gtk_list_undo_selection), (gtk_list_end_drag_selection)
              * gtk/gtklist.c :
              (gtk_list_enter_notify): removed, because auto scrolling now works
              with gtk_list_motion_notify
              New functions, needed for auto scrolling :
              (gtk_list_motion_notify) (gtk_list_move_focus_child)
              New functions for extended selection support :
              (gtk_list_set_anchor), (gtk_list_fake_unselect_all),
              (gtk_list_fake_toggle_row), (gtk_list_update_extended_selection),
              (gtk_list_set_focus_child): modified gtk_container_set_focus_child
              function to support auto scrolling, and avoid out-of-sync errors in
              case auf GTK_SELECTION_BROWSE
              (gtk_list_focus): modified gtk_container_focus function to avoid out
              off sync errors in case auf GTK_SELECTION_EXTENDED
              * gtk/gtklistitem.h
              * gtk/gtklistitem.c :
              New signal functions for key binding support :
              (toggle_focus_row), (select_all), (list_item), (unselect_all)
              (list_item), (undo_selection), (start_selection), (end_selection)
              (extend_selection), (scroll_horizontal), (scroll_vertical),
              (gtk_list_item_realize): added  GDK_KEY_PRESS_MASK |
              (gtk_list_item_draw_focus): modify gc if parent has add_mode set.
              * gtk/gtkcombo.c :
              (gtk_combo_popup_button_press):  grab pointer for combo->list
              (gtk_combo_button_release): ungrab only if combo->popwin HAS_GRAB
              (gtk_combo_list_key_press): take care of which child HAS_GRAB
              (gtk_comb_init): don't connect combo->button with button_release_event
  15. 30 Jul, 1998 1 commit
  16. 29 Jul, 1998 2 commits
  17. 28 Jul, 1998 2 commits