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      gtk/window: Make R/O is-maximized R/W maximized prop · eb0eac0f
      Jonas Ådahl authored
      This makes it possible to set 'maximized' to true in .ui files, and the
      window will show up maximized.
      gtk_window_is_maximized() will return the intended maximized state until
      actually mapped, it will then show the actual maximized state. The same
      applies to reading the property.
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      Remove ATK · c63087a5
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      To build a better world sometimes means having to tear the old one down.
              -- Alexander Pierce, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"
      ATK served us well for nearly 20 years, but the world has changed, and
      GTK has changed with it. Now ATK is mostly a hindrance towards improving
      the accessibility stack:
       - it maps to a very specific implementation, AT-SPI, which is Linux and
         Unix specific
       - it requires implementing the same functionality in three different
         layers of the stack: AT-SPI, ATK, and GTK
       - only GTK uses it; every other Linux and Unix toolkit and application
         talks to AT-SPI directly, including assistive technologies
      Sadly, we cannot incrementally port GTK to a new accessibility stack;
      since ATK insulates us entirely from the underlying implementation, we
      cannot replace it piecemeal. Instead, we're going to remove everything
      and then incrementally build on a clean slate:
       - add an "accessible" interface, implemented by GTK objects directly,
         which describe the acces...
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