1. 14 Jun, 2002 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      ri Jun 14 10:00:29 2002 Owen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com> · b32da181
      Owen Taylor authored
              * gdk/gdkwindow.c (gdk_window_update_idle): Add
              missing GDK_THREADS_ENTER()/GDK_THREADS_LEAVE().
              (Report of non-thread-safety from Nicholas Allen)
              * gtk/gtkmain.c (rewrite_events_translate): Fix sign
              problem with coordinate translation. (Fix from
              Robin Lu, #85229)
  2. 13 Jun, 2002 14 commits
  3. 12 Jun, 2002 12 commits
  4. 10 Jun, 2002 4 commits
    • Hans Breuer's avatar
      added gdkdisplay and gdkscreen · 6539a7d3
      Hans Breuer authored
      2002-06-10  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
      	* gdk/makefile.msc : added gdkdisplay and gdkscreen
      	* gdk/win32/gdkdisplay-win32.c (gdk_open_display) :
      	need to gdk_screen_set_default_colormap(). Also un-static
      	some exported gdk_display_*() functions
      	* gdk/win32/gdkdrawable-win32.c : added "gdkscreen.h"
      	* gdk/win32/gdkscreen-win32.c : implement
      	gdk_screen_get_number, fixed typo, added rewuired headers
      	[merge from 2.0.x branch, should we really manifest
      	 GtkPlug as being an X11 only thing this way? See #58541]
      	* gtk/gtkwindow.c (gtk_window_show): Conditionalize
      	GTK_IS_PLUG() check on GDK_WINDOWING_X11. (Problem
      	reported by Sven Neumann)
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      [ merge from stable ] · 663ec013
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      2002-06-10  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
      	[ merge from stable ]
      	* gdk/win32/gdkmain-win32.c (gdk_screen_get_width_mm,
      	gdk_screen_get_height_mm): Use the "logical dpi" to calculate
      	(pseudo) physical sizes. Similar to the use of "logical dpi" in
      	Pango as suggested by Joaquin Cuenca Abela.
      	Two fixes by Florent Duguet:
      	* gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c (gdk_window_set_cursor): Correct
      	semantics for setting cursor to NULL (should use cursor of parent
      	* gdk/win32/gdkgc-win32.c (gdk_win32_hdc_get): Plug memory
    • Federico Mena Quintero's avatar
      New functions to fetch 32 or 16-bit little-endian values starting at a · ebeb676c
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      2002-06-07  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
      	* io-bmp.c (lsb_32):
      	(lsb_16): New functions to fetch 32 or 16-bit little-endian values
      	starting at a specific memory location.  We do this instead of
      	GINT32_FROM_LE() as the latter is simply dereferences a cast,
      	which doesn't work on platforms with alignment requirements.
      	Fixes #84083.
    • Naba Kumar's avatar
      Added hi in ALL_LINGUAS Added new hindi translation. · 3d5f7b0c
      Naba Kumar authored
      	* configure.in: Added hi in ALL_LINGUAS
      	* po/hi.po: Added new hindi translation.
  5. 09 Jun, 2002 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Don't leak child_anchor_table. (#84425) · 2c867d1e
      Matthias Clasen authored
      	* gtk/gtktextbtree.c (_gtk_text_btree_unref): Don't leak
      	child_anchor_table.  (#84425)
      	* gtk/gtktextlayout.c (gtk_text_layout_finalize): Don't leak
      	one_display_cache.  (#84424)
  6. 08 Jun, 2002 1 commit
    • Jonathan Blandford's avatar
      Fix sizing bug. · 79c202b5
      Jonathan Blandford authored
      Fri Jun  7 23:11:42 2002  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@gnome.org>
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_real_expand_row): Fix sizing
      	* docs/reference/gtk/tmpl/gtkbutton.sgml: Remove ^M's.
      Not sure why all the docs updated.
  7. 07 Jun, 2002 2 commits
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      New function, split off from gtk_tree_view_column_clear_attributes. · a68df0b2
      Matthias Clasen authored
      	* gtk/gtktreeviewcolumn.c
      	(gtk_tree_view_column_clear_attributes_by_info): New function,
      	split off from gtk_tree_view_column_clear_attributes.
      	(gtk_tree_view_column_finalize):  Call the new function, avoid
      	recalculating the info from the renderer.  (#84413)
      	* gtk/gtktextview.c (text_view_child_new_anchored): Initialize
      	vc->type in order to avoid a later UMR.  (#84415)
    • Mark McLoughlin's avatar
      use the RootWindow of this screen for gdk_window_get_pointer. · 4c547ec4
      Mark McLoughlin authored
      2002-06-07  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
              * gtk/gtkwindow.c: (gtk_window_compute_configure_request): use
              the RootWindow of this screen for gdk_window_get_pointer.
  8. 06 Jun, 2002 5 commits
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Set hardware_keycode for KeyRelease events. (#84305) · 91745dfe
      Matthias Clasen authored
      	* gdk/x11/gdkevents-x11.c (gdk_event_translate): Set
      	hardware_keycode for KeyRelease events.  (#84305)
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Don't redraw when the area is completely above the visible area. · d44ba97f
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu May 23 15:44:30 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtk/gtktextview.c (changed_handler): Don't redraw
              when the area is completely above the visible area.
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Add a "is_focus" property indicating whether a widget is the focus widget · c0f78ae0
      Owen Taylor authored
      Fri May 17 17:27:21 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtk/gtkwindow.c gtk/gtkwidget.c: Add a "is_focus"
              property indicating whether a widget is the focus
              widget within the toplevel.
              * gtk/gtkwindow.[ch]: Add "is_active" "has_toplevel_focus"
              properties to indicate (separately) the idea of
              being the part of the toplevel with the input focus
              and being the active widget. (Needed for full XEMBED
              * gtk/gtkplug.c gtk/gtksocket.c: Update to work
              in terms of is_active/has_toplevel_focus, and thus
              handle the active/focused XEMBED distinction
              * gtk/gtkplug.c (gtk_plug_realize): Remove
              FOCUS_CHANGE_MASK, since we don't need it.
      Fri May 17 18:07:34 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtk/gtksocket.c (gtk_socket_add_window): Send
              * gtk/gtksocket.c: Assume windows without _XEMBED_INFO
              property want to be mapped, for better
              current-Qt compatibility.
    • Kristian Rietveld's avatar
      don't leak the GArray (figured out by Matthias Clasen, fixes #82026). · 3f6c0318
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      Thu Jun  6 17:27:01 2002  Kristian Rietveld  <kris@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkrbtree.c (_gtk_rbtree_reorder): don't leak the GArray
              (figured out by Matthias Clasen, fixes #82026).
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Changes multihead reorganizing code for win32 support, mostly from a patch · aeaaae04
      Owen Taylor authored
      Wed Jun  5 18:34:47 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	Changes multihead reorganizing code for win32 support,
      	mostly from a patch by Hans Breuer.
      	* gdk/gdkcolor.c gdk/x11/gdkcolor-x11.c gdk/gdkcursor.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkcursor-x11.c gdk/gdkevents.c gdk/x11/gdkevents-x11.c
      	  gdk/gdkfont.c gdk/x11/gdkfont-x11.c gdk/gdkkeys.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkkeys-x11.c gdk/gdkimage.c gdk/x11/gdkimage-x11.c
      	  gdk/gdkscreen.c gdk/x11/gdkmain-x11.c
      	  gdk/gdkdisplay.c gdk/gdkevents-x11.c gdk/gdkpango.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkpango-x11.c gdk/gdkselection.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkselection-x11.c gdk/gdkwindow.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkwindow-x11.c gdk/gdkvisual.c gdk/x11/gdkvisual-x11.c:
      	  Move port-independent singlehead wrapper functions into
      	  port-independent part of GDK. (#80009)
      	* gdk/win32/gdkcolor-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkcursor-win32.c
      	  gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkfont-win32.c
      	  gdk/win32/gdkimage-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkkeys-win32.c
      	  gdk/win32/gdkmain-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkproperty-win32.c
      	  gdk/win32/gdkselection-win32.c gdk/win32/gkwindow-win32.c:
      	Turn singlehead functions into "multihead" functions that ignore
      	their GdkDisplay or GdkScreen arguments.
      	* gdk/win32/gdkdrawable-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c
      	gdk/win32/gdkinput-win32.c gdk/win32/gdkprivate-win32.h:
      	Misc multihead-compatibility changes.
      	* gtk/gtk.def gdk/gdk.def: Update for multihead functions.
      	* gdk/gdkcolormap.h gdk/gdkvisual.h gdk/x11/gdkcolormap-x11.c
      	gdk/x11/gdkvisual-x11.c: Remove the screen fields
      	from the public parts of the colormap/visual structures, add accessors
      	* gdk/gdkpixbuf-render.c gdk/gdkpixmap.c gdk/gdkrgb.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkcolormap-x11.c gdk/x11/gdkimage-x11.c
      	  gdk/x11/gdkimage-x11.c gdk/x11/gdkprivate-x11.h gtk/gtkgc.c
      	  gtk/gtkstyle.c gtk/gtkwidget.c: Use accessors to get the screen
      	for colormaps, visuals; move the fields into the private
      	structures for the x11 backend.
      	* gdk/gdkdisplay.[ch] gdk/x11/gdkdisplay-x11.[ch]
      	  gdk/gdkscreen.[ch] gdk/x11/gdkscreen-x11.c:
      	Remove virtualization of screen and display functions.
      	(#79990, patch from Erwann Chenede)
      	* gdk/win32/gdkdisplay-x11.c gdk/win32/gdkscreen-win32.c
      	gdk/win32/{Makefile.am, makefile.msc, makefile.mingw}:
      	New files containing stub implementations of Display,
      	Screen functions.
      	* gdk/x11/gdkscreen-x11.[ch] gdk/x11/gdkdisplay-x11.[ch]
      	gdk/x11/gdkx.h: Clean up function exports and what
      	headers they are in. (#79954)
      	* gdk/x11/gdkx.h: Fix macro that was referring to a non-existant
      	screen->screen_num. (In the patch for #79972, Erwann Chenede)
      	* gdk/gdkscreen.c gdk/gdkwindow.c gdk/x11/gdkinternals.h
      	 gdk/x11/gdkscreen-x11.c: Fix gdk_screen_get_window_at_pointer()
      	to use window hooks. (#79972, patch partly from Erwann Chenede)
      	* gdk/x11/gdkdisplay-x11.c gdk/x11/gdkevents-x11.c: Fix
      	some warnings.