1. 07 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'win32-runtime-immodule-swap' into 'gtk-3-24' · 259c8e63
      LRN authored
      GDK W32: Support switching input modules at runtime
      See merge request !366
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      GDK W32: Support switching input modules at runtime · d26c11f0
      LRN authored
      This leverages the normal input module switching mechanism in GTK
      by making it think that the gtk-im-module setting changed.
      The backend returns gtk-im-module value as "ime" if W32
      IME API says that an IME is in use. Otherwise it returns
      and empty string - this still triggers an input module
      loading code, which, not being able to load the desired module
      (which is and empty string), falls back to looking at current
      keyboard layout.
      Paired with the code that signals gtk-im-module change on keyboard layout
      switches, this is sufficient to make GTK capable of loading appropriate
      input modules at runtime. At least, the kinds of modules that specify
      languages for which they are loaded automatically by default, and the
      IME module.
      Loading other kinds of input modules might still work via specifying
      the gtk-im-module setting in gtk ini file, but doing so will likely
      make GTK incapable of loading the IME input module that is used
      for Korean, Chinese and Japanese (and some other languages).
      Until someone figures out a way to actually change gtk-im-module
      setting on Windows at runtime with meaningful values, the behaviour
      introduced by this commit seems like a sufficient workaround.
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      Make dashed border-style work correctly · 0feebcf1
      Arnaud B. authored
      There’s a short-path done for focus rectangles, but it can be taken in other conditions, and then fail occasionally to render a dashed line if the border-width is too big.
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  14. 11 Sep, 2018 3 commits
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      imwayland: Fix clearing of preedit text in webkitgtk · 99669503
      dcz authored
      Fixes webkitgtk misbehaviour as outlined in #1316 (comment 312942) , which was introduced in 49b17e6c.
      The preedit will be cleared on exit only if it is already present.
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      imwayland: Fix clearing of preedit text · c22d5ab9
      dcz authored
      Fixes terminal emulator misbehaviour as outlined in #1316, which was introduced in 49b17e6c. The original commit cleared preedit text by setting it to an empty string, which still counted as existing preedit. The fix sets preedit string to null, which is correctly understood as not present.
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      builds: Fix introspection with MSVC builds · 5d903cb0
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      For building the introspection dumper program on Visual Studio, leave out
      the G_LOG_DOMAIN as g-ir-scanner does not like it when it constructs the
      compiler command line for Visual Studio.
      Also ensure that we are looking for the freshly-built libraries by looking
      for the .lib's from the output directories of the Visual Studio project files.
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