1. 01 Jun, 2016 2 commits
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      gtkhidingbox: add property to choose side to handle overflow · a23937f9
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      i.e. The case of Nautilus and FileChooser GtkPathBar is that we always
      want to show the end part of the path. However that might not be the
      case for other uses, like gnome-software and its titles.
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      Add GtkHidingBox · 0e86f089
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      We didn't have a way to hide children given the allocation size
      available set by the parent.
      This is an use case for the GtkPathBar, which will be rewrote in future
      patches where we will want to use a composite widget instead of a all
      custom allocation widget.
      For that, implement a container which hides widgets when the allocated
      size is smaller than the requested size by its children.
      The code is made by Rafał Lużyński for gnome-software and is adapted to
      Gtk+ standards.
      Now will follow a few patches improving the code and adding support
      for some features needed by the GtkPathBar.