1. 19 Jan, 2003 1 commit
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Merge from stable: · d867b9a8
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      2003-01-19  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
      	Merge from stable:
      	Fix for #103614 and some other problems with GtkFileSelection on
      	* gtk/fnmatch.c (get_char): Need to use g_unichar_tolower(), not
      	g_ascii_tolower(). Windows file names are case-insensitive for all
      	Unicode letters.
      	* gtk/gtkfilesel.c: Instead of checking for G_OS_WIN32 or
      	G_WITH_CYGWIN, check G_PLATFORM_WIN32. Move inclusion of gtkintl.h
      	earlier, as it includes config.h unconditionally, and gtkprivate.h
      	redefines GTK_LOCALEDIR.
      	(struct _CompletionDirSent): Ifdef out the fields not used on
      	(compare_utf8_filenames, compare_sys_filenames): Need different
      	comparison implementation for UTF-8 file names and system locale
      	file names on Win32. Cannot simply use g_ascii_strcasecmp(), but
      	need to casefold all Unicode letters.
      	(cmpl_completion_matches, open_dir, correct_parent): Ifdef out
      	variables not used on Win32 to avoid warnings about unused
      	(open_ref_dir): Use g_path_skip_root() to skip past potential
      	drive letter in front of the leading (back)slash.
      	(open_new_dir): Ifdef out use of CompletionDirSent fields not
      	there on Win32.
      	(correct_parent): Bypass inode check also on Cygwin.
      	Fix bug noticed by Alex Shaduri: Tooltips and other
      	GDK_WINDOW_TEMP windows were activated. This looked very odd, and
      	was a regression from earlier versions.
      	* gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c (show_window_internal): Fine-tune
      	behaviour. Don't ever activate GDK_WINDOW_TEMP windows.
      	(gdk_window_move, gdk_window_resize): Add debug logging.
      	* gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c (gdk_event_translate): When we get a
      	WM_SIZE message for a non-visible (withdrawn) window, don't clear
      	the GDK_WINDOW_STATE_WITHDRAWN bit. The window is still withdrawn
      	even if its size changes.
  2. 31 Dec, 2002 1 commit
  3. 13 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      System fnmatch wasn't going to be UTF-8 clean, neither was our version. · 73b15ba3
      Owen Taylor authored
      Fri Dec 13 17:45:40 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtk/fnmatch.c gtk/gtkprivate.h gtk/gtkfilesel.c:
              System fnmatch wasn't going to be UTF-8 clean, neither
              was our version. Redo our fnmatch.c to be UTF-8, add
              test cases, fix all sorts of bugs inherited
              from the antique GNU fnmatch code. Change interface
              to get rid of fnmatch.h constants. Fixes basic
              non-workingness of filesel with non-ASCII filenames.
              * gtk/fnmatch.h: No longer needed.
  4. 10 Feb, 2002 1 commit
    • Hans Breuer's avatar
      don't reduce the scroll rect size by the scroll amount · 6d33d1c7
      Hans Breuer authored
      2002-02-10  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
      	* gdk/win32/gdkgeometry-win32.c : don't reduce the scroll
      	rect size by the scroll amount
      	* gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c
      	* gdk/win32/gdkselection-win32.c : added some casts to
      	make it compile with msvc's strict type checking
      	* gtk/fnmatch.c : #include <ctype.h> again for tolower
      	prototype. The fnmatch() code assumes to be in the crt
      	locale though it is feeded by utf8 strings from gtkfilesel.c
      	* gtk/gtkfilesel.c : let ->cmpl_text be a strdup managed by
      	_CompletionDir instead of referencing already freed memory
      	* gtk/gtktooltips.c (gtk_tooltips_init) : fix typo to
      	gtk_rc_parse_string (theDefaultTooltipColor) once as it
      	was intended
      	* tests/makefile.msc : added more tests
      	* tests/testgtk.c (create_list) : don't try to load gtkenums.h
      	from the current directory use ../gtk/gtkenums.h instead
  5. 08 Feb, 2002 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      isspace -> g_ascii_isspace Remove gdki8n.h include. Remove <ctype.h> · 6ec06edb
      Darin Adler authored
      	* demos/gtk-demo/main.c: (load_file): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
      	* gdk/x11/gdkim-x11.c: Remove gdki8n.h include.
      	* gdk/x11/gdkkeys-x11.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gdk/x11/gdkmain-x11.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/fnmatch.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkaccelgroup.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkaccellabel.c: (gtk_accel_label_refetch): toupper ->
      	g_unichar_toupper, toupper -> g_unichar_totile
      	* gtk/gtkbindings.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkfontsel.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkiconfactory.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkinputdialog.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtklabel.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkmain.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkmenu.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkoldeditable.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtkrc.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtktextbtree.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtktextiter.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
      	* gtk/gtktextsegment.c: Remove <ctype.h> include.
  6. 02 Feb, 2001 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Make gdk_colormap_sync private since it was never exported in a header · a2d12994
      Owen Taylor authored
      Fri Feb  2 17:16:09 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gdk/x11/gdkcolor-x11.c (gdk_colormap_sync): Make
      	gdk_colormap_sync private since it was never exported
      	in a header file.
      	* gdk/x11/gdkcolor-x11.c (gdk_colormap_new): Fill in
      	colormap->colors[] for StaticGray, StaticColor colormaps.
      	* gdk/gdkpixbuf-drawable.c: Fix problems where image->bpp
      	was being used as if it was image->bits_per_pixel.
      	* gdk/gdkimage.h, gdk/x11/gdkimage-x11.c: Save the bits-per-pixel
      	for the image in the GdkImage structure since it isn't
      	reconstructable, and we need it to handle packed types
      	* gdk/win32/gdkimage-win32.c: Set image->bits_per_pixel. (I'm making
      	the assumption that on Win32 image->bits_per_pixel == image->depth,
      	* gdk/linux-fb/gdkimage-fb.c: Set image->bits_per_pixel.
      	* gdk/gdkrgb.c (gdk_rgb_select_conv): Exit with an informative
      	warning message if no converter can be found.
  7. 26 Jul, 2000 1 commit
  8. 06 Oct, 1999 1 commit
  9. 04 Oct, 1999 1 commit
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      correct checking for BeOS check · 3b348f74
      Manish Singh authored
      * configure.in: correct checking for BeOS check
      * gdk/gdktypes.h
      * gtk/fnmatch.c
      * gtk/gtkfilesel.c
      * gtk/gtkitemfactory.c
      * gtk/gtkmain.[ch]
      * gtk/gtkrc.c: use G_OS_WIN32 and G_HAVE_CYGWIN #defines
  10. 15 Mar, 1999 1 commit
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      This might seem like a large patch, but it isn't that bad, and nothing · c65508d2
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      should break on Unix/X11.
      Win32 merge and general portability stuff:
      * acconfig.h,configure.in: Check for <sys/time.h>.
      * gdk/win32: New directory (actually, been there for a while).
      * gtk/fnmatch.c: Include <glib.h> for G_DIR_SEPARATOR, WIN32 and
      NATIVE_WIN32, and use these. Always case fold on Win32. No
      backslashed escapes on native Win32.
      * gtk/{gtk.def,makefile.msc}: New files.
      * gtk/Makefile.am: Add above new files.
      * gtk/{gtkaccelgroup,gtkbindings}.c: Include <string.h>
      instead of <strings.h>.
      * gtk/{gtkcalendar,gtkitemfactory,gtkpreview,gtkrc}.c: Include
      config.h. Protect inclusion of <sys/param.h>, <sys/time.h>, and
      <unistd.h> appropriately.
      * gtk/gtkdnd.c: Merge in Win32 version (which doesn't do much).
      Use ABS() (from <glib.h>) instead of abs().
      * gtk/gtkfilesel.c: Moved Win32-specific includes after inclusion
      of gtk (and thus glib) headers, so that WIN32 will be
      defined. With MS C, include <direct.h> for mkdir prototype.
      * gtk/gtkitemfactory.c (gtk_item_factory_callback_marshal): Add
      some casts, needed by MS C.
      * gtk/{gtklayout,gtkplug}.c: Merge in Win32 version (which isn't
      * gtk/gtkmain.c: Include gdk/gdkx.h for GDK_WINDOWING. Include
      <X11/Xlocale.h> only on X11 platform, otherwise <locale.h>.  Use
      G_SEARCHPATH_SEPARATOR_S and g_module_build_path.
      * gtk/gtkmain.h: Mark variables for export/import on Win32.
      * gtk/gtkrange.c (gtk_range_motion_notify): Set mods also in case
      the event is not a hint, or its window is not the slider. Needed
      on Win32, at least.
      * gtk/gtkrc.c: Include config.h and gdk/gdkx.h. Use <locale.h>
      unless on X11. Skip \r chars, too. Use G_DIR_SEPARATOR and
      G_SEARCHPATH_SEPARATOR(_S). Use g_path_is_absolute. On Win32, use
      a subdirectory of the Windows directory as gtk system
      configuration directory.
      * gtk/gtkselection.c: No chunks on Win32.
      * gtk/gtksocket.c: Not implemented on Win32.
      * gtk/gtkthemes.c (gtk_theme_engine_get): Use g_module_build_path.
      * gtk/makeenums.h: Include gdkprivate.h after gdk.h.
      * gtk/testrgb.c: Use dynamically allocated buffer. Use GTimers.
  11. 24 Feb, 1999 1 commit
  12. 24 Nov, 1998 1 commit
    • Jeff Garzik's avatar
      Removed DEFS "+=" mess that breaks recent automakes. INCLUDES is the · 91d99f89
      Jeff Garzik authored
      * gdk/Makefile.am, gtk/Makefile.am:
              Removed DEFS "+=" mess that breaks recent automakes.
              INCLUDES is the correct way to add to CFLAGS from Makefile.am.
      * gdk/gdk.c, gdk/gdkglobals.c, gdk/gdkimage.c, gdk/gdkinput.c,
      gdk/gdkpixmap.c, gdk/gdkthreads.c, gdk/gdkwindow.c,
      gdk/gxid_lib.c, gtk/fnmatch.c, gtk/gtkclist.c, gtk/gtkmain.c,
              Include "config.h" instead of "../config.h".
              Now that DEFS works again, automake will automatically pass us
              the location of config.h in -I.
  13. 13 Apr, 1998 1 commit
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  17. 24 Nov, 1997 1 commit