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      file chooser button: Fix some refcounting confusion · defc0cf5
      Matthias Clasen authored
      GtkFileSystem has a complicated way to handle cancellables.
      You keep the cancellable pointer that is returned by
      _gtk_file_system_get_info and similar methods so that you can
      cancel the operation, but you do not own a reference to it.
      The only place where it is ok to unref a cancellable is in
      your callback, which gets handed a cancellable that you need
      to unref at the end. You are expected to compare it to the
      pointer you stashed away to find out if the operation has
      already been superseded by a newer call, in which case you
      disregard the results.
      GtkFileChooserButton was following these rules for most of
      the cancellables it keeps around, but it was sometimes unreffing
      the cancellables that are stored in the model, which could lead
      to refcount confusion and crashes. This commit makes it follow
      the rules for that case too, which fixes the crash in the bug
      below, and does not show up any leaks in valgrind under light
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